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B2.The Implementation of the CSR Program as an Effort to Improve the Environmental Quality through the Empowerment of Scavengers

B3.The Supervision Strategy for the Process of Submitting Political Messages in Winning Campaign of the Election 2019 by PDIP Tangerang Indonesia

B4.The Management of the Social and the Outdoor Advertising Media in Political Campaign Activities

B5. Political Messages Processing of Presidential Candidate through Heuristic and Systematic Model in the 2014 Presidential Election in Indonesia

B6. The Implementation of a Strategy for Implementing Political Programs of the PDIP Victory 2019 in Tangerang Indonesia

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E-Toll Usage System Reviewed_B22


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Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Implementation in Determining Document Evaluation Criteria of Post Qualification E-Tendering Knockout Phase

Key Success Factors Implementing BIM Based Quantity Take-off in Fit-Out Office Work using Relative Importance Index

Key Success Factors of Line of Balance (LOB) And M-PERT Integration on The Development of Wastewater Treatment Plant

Optimum Haul Road Track Selection on Open Pit Coal Mine By Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) Implementation

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